Unemployment, Snarkiness and the 99cents Store

     “EEEEEWWWWW, I would never buy food from the 99Cents Store! That’s just gross!”

     So is being hungry.

     The tween and me are okay, we eat regularly, and our clothes are clean. The basics are covered. Times like this call for strategic shopping, inventive budgeting, and imaginative thinking about all things extracurricular. The person who said this to me doesn’t have to engage in this kind of strategizing. Yet.

    Well I had an interview earlier this week, how it went down was really interesting. The HR person called to “invite me to fill out an application.”  Wow an invitation. Is that black tie or business attire?  This economy is so tilted, it is not unusual to have three or four hundred people competing for $10 an hour gigs. Yeah. Really.  So I took off the airy fairy attire I usually don myself in and dressed in the monkey suit of corporate America. I arrived  30 minutes early, with a fresh copy of my resume and a big smile. They handed me a stack of papers that included a standard employment application, as well as a vocabulary, grammar and basic math test. After turning everything in, they summoned  me to the back office for a *gasp*  interview.  During the interview they keyed in on my strengths and were quickly able to see how I might fit into their corporate culture; after a particularly mirthful moment I did the soft-shoe-sell-yourself number and took the opportunity to tell them how I could be of benefit to them.  Now I’m sitting here like a sixteen-year-old after a date with the captain of the football team. Sitting by the phone waiting and wondering if  he is going to call.



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4 responses to “Unemployment, Snarkiness and the 99cents Store

  1. Stasia Dahlstrom


  2. I hope you’ll hear soon–I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Imani

    My sister, my friend.

    I hear you, absolutely here you. I know there is a blessing in this. I know this so clearly. I know that you do too.

    Keeping you in an energy of abundance, light and love,


  4. Good luck. All of the responses I’ve gotten to date have been from scammers working the resumes I’ve posted online.

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