The Phone Will Ring

  I pick up the phone and look at it. I make sure there are three full bars in the battery icon and five full bars for maximum connectivity. I flip it open and look at the silhouette of the palm tree, three words are underneath, “I am that” short for ” I am that which I am becoming.” I look at the message indicator. No messages. I close it again, listening for small that small pop sound of it folding into itself. *Sigh* There is no better workout for patience and fortitude than what is happening right now.


    Speaking of ringing phones, a couple of days after being laid off, I received this: 


Dear Rhonda the Creator,

    This is your time.

    I’ll vote for Rhonda’s incredible year, your break-through year. May the poetry

and fiction flow like never before, and may the recognition ring your phone and

bring checks in the mail (direct deposit is ok too). 

     May you create a mechanism, a machine, a conduit from your heart into the world

that creates perfect art and yields perfect result. May you create something the

world needs.

     May you exist on a new level of commitment and inner joy NOW, today, this moment.

May you fight like hell to get what needs to be done, done.


     Jon the Creator


   We are all creators, architects of our own lives. Individually and collectively we shape our world.  Jon is an incredible musician and after reading this, I’d say quite the visionary. Thank you for reminding me that I have a hand in this too. I don’t have to wait by the phone; perhaps I can ring a few myself.


      Something spectacular is just around the bend…


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One response to “The Phone Will Ring

  1. Thank you for reminding me that I have a hand in this too.

    I find it easy to slip into passivity; after all, the mind is always racing. I feel like I’m active. Then something happens: I read something or do something differently — a ha! now that was taking action!

    Blast it, but did I waste time of life!

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