Hustlin’ Stress and Levity.

Everyday I’m hustlin’

Everyday I’m hustlin’

Everyday I’m hustlin’

Everyday I’m hustlin’

Everyday I’m hustlin’

            –Rick Ross

     That’s five days a week! You all know I’m a big fan of Katt Williams. It’s hilarious to watch him pantomime a librarian stacking books or a fast food worker flipping burgers and tossing fries, getting their hustle on in his movie American Hustle.  Katt’s “luxurious” hair swinging to the concentrated robotic tenor of Rick Ross’ “Hustlin’,” his physicality, the focused brow and blue language crack me up.  That same scene plays in my head whenever I reach for my laptop, pick up my pencil to make yet another list or cross out the tasks I’ve completed for the previous day. “Everyday I’m hustlin’.”  

    It came to my mind again as I watched Obama walk Steve Kroft through a typical day at the White House on 60 Minutes last night. Obama guffawed when questioned about auto industry and reminded me of the gallows humor I used to engage in as 9-1-1 operator years ago. The things we joked and laughed about would drive an itchy man up a wool tree! When the level of stress is that high, laughter is sometimes the only way to deal. Indeed, laughter aside, it was clear that President is focused and thinking clearly about the precarious situation this nation is in. So while the pundits have their day about a little levity, I’m here…  and everyday I’m hustlin’.

Something spectacular is just around the bend…



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