It Feels Like This…

Job leads today? Yes. A few. Requisite resume’s and cover letters have been sent. It feels like this: 

Hi! Are you the lady of the house? Well this is your lucky day! I have just two Vacu-De-Luxes left and I’m about to change you’re life. 

Well I have a vacuum cleaner and you’re the tenth person to come around today–No thanks!


You don’t have one like this! It picks up dog hair, cat hair,people hair and rocks, food crumbs,clothes lint and even baby socks!

You don’t understand. I don’t need a Vacu-De–whatever… Look you’re dressed nice and you speak well, but frankly I just don’t need what you have right now.

Even though its hard to believe on some days, I know that…

Something spectacular is just around the bend…



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