To The Bat Cave!

     It went off like the bat light that signaled Bruce Wayne to the cave. I was at a dinner to meet Molly Barker, founder of Girls On The Run, (a non-profit that encourages healthy life-style choices and self-respect through running) and after she spoke the light went on and beckoned me to volunteer. Yes, volunteer.

    But you don’t have a job Rhonda…

    Oh I know beef from bull’s foot!

    Tara Mason lists ten ways you can volunteer and eight reasons why you should volunteer during this recession on her website, it’s a great list, have a look. I decided to do it because I really like this organization (The Tween-let participates) and after hearing Molly speak I felt that our values were a match, it was a perfect way for me to give.

    Must I remind you, you don’t have a job?

    Giving helps me focus on what I do have, time and skills that can benefit a growing organization. When I give, while my arms are outstretched and my hands are still open, all of a sudden my hands are full again. Imagine that.

     Something spectacular is just around the bend…



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5 responses to “To The Bat Cave!

  1. Angella Lister

    How do I know you? I once edited a story of yours in a publication that shall remain nameless, as I am bent on keeping my blogging life and my work life separate. But you wrote an amazing piece, and your writing is just effortless and rich, so it’s really great to be able to follow you again. I am praying for the perfect opportunity to come your way soon. In the meantime, who knows where this blog will lead you and your tween-let? God bless you both. Angella (this is a pseudonym, my mother’s middle name).

  2. RecessionDaily

    Ahhhh! Okay. Thunk on the head!

  3. I think volunteering is great. It is good for the body and soul…and you never know, something interesting might happen.

  4. Rhonda…I will now be a regular at your blog. Your writing is beautiful…and consider myself very lucky for being in the company of good “folk” like you. Girls on the Run is lucky to have you!!!

  5. RecessionDaily

    Molly, meeting you was inspiring! I love what you have done with your “epiphany” and am thankful that you decided to give back this way. You’re awesome.

    The Tween-let says, ” I love that she created GOTR!”

    She stands behind me when I write and loves to see her voice here!

    Be Well

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