Around The World With $80K

What would you risk? What would you dream?

What would you risk? What would you dream?


For me it would be akin to winning the lottery. Skadden, Arps, a law firm in New York, offered their associates $80,000, one-third of their pay, to take the year off. Wow. Along with that comes immunity from future layoffs. Sparkly isn’t it? Why would anyone say no? Well they’re not. According to this article in the NY Times about 125 associates have taken the firm up on their offer. Some of them will pursue higher education, others will take pro bono work to stay competitive, still others will spend time with family and some will travel around the world. Nice.

     But let’s take a moment to unpack this shall we?  For starters not all of us can get by on one-third of our salary. $80K ‘wouldn’t buy the farm’ in the pricey area where I rent. Then there is the immunity from having to look for a job or change careers in this economy, think about the assurance that brings in knowing that whatever you decide to do, there will be soft landing. The most complicated decision then becomes what will you do?  

    Who would you be if no one told you who you were supposed to be? What would you risk doing if you knew you would have a soft landing, no matter what you decided?

   While I don’t have anyone offering me $80K to pursue my wildest dream for a year, I am doing just that. I am treating this job loss as a gift. I’m taking this time to change my thoughts, words and actions so that they reflect my grandest dreams about myself. Some days I run with this and other days I barely crawl. The wise ones tell me to do what I love…  well you know the rest. 

     What would you risk? What would you do for a year?

     Something spectacular is just around the bend…



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3 responses to “Around The World With $80K

  1. Sounds like a win-win; for the law-firm to cut their payroll expenses by 2/3rds during this ongoing depression, and for the employees to take a full year off while covering at least a large portion of their expenses ($80k is quite a bit for most of us). Gives them also an opportunity to re-evaluate and make adjustments to their lifestyle.

    I would take my boys for a year to Europe, stay mostly with my parents in Germany. They are getting old and barely have an opportunity to see their grandchildren. And I would love to be there for them after having turned my back on my home for almost a quarter century.

    In fact, thinking about this, I may just go for at least a few months. Right now I don’t have much holding me here in L.A……

  2. RecessionDaily

    I think it would be great to have take your boys out of the States for a year. It would give them a great experience. I don’t know how you’ve stayed away from your country for so long. I moved out of Los Angeles and miss it terribly. I know this is a poor analogy, but I understand how you feel. Summer is coming, perhaps you and the boys can get away for a moment.

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