Meeting MR.MIP


       I am two months and some odd days into unemployment and a decision has to be made. Do I continue to pay health insurance or not? 

       I have a chronic illness that has been in remission for most of my life. Because of this condition it’s nearly impossible for me to get health insurance, and I pay a high premium, something akin to a car note, or for some rent.

      So I began searching and found out about MRMIP the Major Risk Medical Insurance Program available through the State of California. This program provides health insurance for Californians unable to obtain coverage in the individual health insurance market because of their pre-existing conditions. That would be me. There is a waiting list. Wish me luck. Other states have this program. Check the state government website of the state you live in.

       Also click on the health websites over on my blogroll. Do you have any that you like?  Send me the links.

       Ever since I’ve been laid off I try to keep stress at a minimum. Stop laughing. I get out of house. I know I’m supposed to be doing the hamster on a wheel thing looking for a gig, but the sky calls and no one told spring it’s a recession, things are blooming everywhere. I love to get out and see how many plants and trees I can name. I dance, put together puzzles, watch SpongeBob with my Tween-let. Those breaks remind me that this is only temporary and to not forget the little things that make life sweet.

     I’ve learned that there are three ways to approach experiences in this short life.

     1. With acceptance. Accept things are just the way they are. Some things just suck. When you do this, you no longer suffer and neither do the people who are around you because of your attitude. This is what your parents meant when they told you to just grow up.

     2.With joy. If you’re not doing something you enjoy, then why are you doing it? If it is something that you normally like doing and you are not enjoying it at the moment, take a break, walk away, then come back to it. 

     3. With enthusiasm. When you do something enthusiastically, you leave behind mediocrity and you approach whatever you are doing with an attitude of excellence. You try harder. You do your best whenever you do something enthusiastically.

     Something spectacular is just around the bend…



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2 responses to “Meeting MR.MIP

  1. Thank you for this great reminder that sometimes all it takes to profoundly change things is to shift your perspective.

  2. RecessionDaily

    Isn’t that the most simple, profound, hardest thing? It’s nuts.

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