My Field of Poppies: What comes between you and your Emerald City?



 “Poppies, Poppies will put them to sleep. Sleep. Now they’ll sleep.”

—-The Wicked Witch of the East

     It’s spring and in Southern California that means the poppies are sprouting alongside the freeways and medians, their bright orange flowers are gorgeous eye candy as we dash from one thing to the next.  It was a field of poppies that almost kept Dorothy from reaching Emerald City. Caught up in their beauty, Dorothy runs through them, encouraging her friends to come along, distracted by their beauty, she falls asleep in the middle of the field, her goal still far away. 

   If you remember, it was Dorothy and the Lion that went to sleep. Think of Dorothy as your sense of self and let the Lion characterize your courage. This beautiful field of poppies has made you lose consciousness, your focus.  It was the Tin Man and the Scarecrow, the heart and brain that kept running toward Emerald City, noticing after a bit that Dorothy and the Lion were no longer with them. Notice that they were unaffected by the somnolent spell of the poppies, and that they pressed on toward the goal.

    We all have our “field of poppies” a place in life where we can see our dreams and then unemployment, divorce, a sick parent or child, a break-up or it could be a marriage, a new baby, a new relationship, a new job, appears just as Emerald City comes into view. We lose sight. We get distracted. We stop running. We fall asleep.

     And then something wonderful happens, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man, the heart and the brain come back, because even though Dorothy (you) have been lulled to sleep by whatever circumstance, the heart and brain are unaffected and can still see your dream clearly. And even though courage, the hardest to wake up and the heaviest to carry is asleep as well, that doesn’t stop the heart and brain from doing whatever is necessary to get everyone back on track, including calling on Glenda, (The Good Witch). That would be the same as asking for help, finding like-minded people, doing whatever it takes to wake up.

    My field, or shall I say fields of poppies has been almost everything named above. What’s yours? Courage has come in fits and starts, but my heart and brain have never let me forget my dreams and goals.

     To Oz?  To Oz!

     Something spectacular is just around the bend…




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2 responses to “My Field of Poppies: What comes between you and your Emerald City?

  1. This is a great post. I never dissected that part of my favorite childhood movie (that we actually had taped off of tv, so right before the poppies part, I think there was a commercial for Campbell’s soup), and appreciate you doing so.

    I would have to say that to someone looking in from the outside, my field of poppies would be unemployment. In actuality, however, unemployment hasn’t been a field of poppies at all! Instead, it has helped me find what my Emerald City really is: my dream of having my book published, and then maybe becoming a full time author.

    Or becoming a business card artist of some sort. You know, either one. 🙂

  2. RecessionDaily

    Have a look at Recession Nation Project… they are taking stories and possibly… crafts made from business cards too. 🙂 I’m writing my way out of this, like you, I have the same dream. Write Hard! Write what’s true.

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