Confessions — My Love of Wicked Humor and More



     The more edgy, the more blue, the more morbid, the more I like it. I’m describing my sense of humor. Nothing like a belly laugh to get your mind off of deadlines, bills and health insurance.

    Lately, I’ve been haunting the confessional. No, I’m not playing priest in the wooden booth, I’ve been reading Truu Confessions. The confessional booth of cyberspace. The Catholics should pay attention here. All the confession you want and no Hail Mary’s. Anyway,  there are several categories to choose from, pick the confessional that best suits your needs and then head on over to the little box and  write your own confession. It is reviewed then posted. There is a neat little pic of the poster (you) with a paper bag over its head. It  is funny, sad and beautifully human.

   There’s more over on Post Secret. Yeah, confession is good for the soul. 

    So when you need a break today check out both sites. Leave a confession. I did. Guess which one

    Something spectacular is just around the bend….



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2 responses to “Confessions — My Love of Wicked Humor and More

  1. I used to be obsessed with True Mom Confessions. It was amazing what women posted there. The book is on my To Read list – how weird would it be to find your own confession in there?

  2. RecessionDaily

    I was equally obsessed with Post Secret, and when I was working I would post to Truu Office Confessions. There is something we derive from seeing the human foibles of others. I read and think, wow… it’s not just me. If I opened my book and saw my own confession there, yes, that would blow my mind.

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