Work Makes Life Sweet!



    I am thankful for a successful and lucrative career that is fun and flexible, where I am around creative people and I get to do everything I love.

     I wrote this last year and taped it right next to my bed. When I wrote it I was still working for an institution and I wasn’t enjoying my job very much. The institution itself was going through some growing pains in the department  in which I worked and I’d just gotten my third boss within nine months.

     The wise ones have been saying for years, “Work makes life sweet.” As we move through this recession, that should be the rallying cry of the laid-off-and-looking-for-work.

     In the book, “Sisters of the Yam, author bell hooks tells us that we are, “more inclined to think of work in relation to doing what you needed to do to get money to buy what you wanted.” She goes on to say,  “…We must work hard to unlearn the socialization that teaches us that we should just be lucky to get any old job. We can begin to think about our work lives in terms of vocation and calling.”  Yes!

    I just got back from a four-day freelance job as a writer. It was the most incredibly satisfying work experience I’ve ever had. The days were long, the pace was fast, and the people I worked with were excellent at their job and creative too. The whole experience was like a taste of what my future could be. And all I can say to that is yes, more please! Because the first bite was sahhh-weet!

   After this experience I can’t fathom the thought of doing anything different. Why should I?  I know my “vocation and calling.”

  What’s yours? Work should make life sweet.  

   Something spectacular is just around the bend…


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