All The Single Moms Put Your Hands Up!


     My unemployment ends in one month and there are no extended benefits for me because the institution I used to work for is a non-profit. The unemployment benefits they provide are not under the State of California. So I’ve been saving my pocket change. Health insurance is my biggest concern and besides rent, my biggest expense. I’ve applied for a state program for hard to insure folks like me, there is a waiting list, hopefully it will move quickly.  

     No one would describe me as being financially savvy. I could write a poem about it, but to actually sit and crunch numbers has never been my strong suit. Let’s just say, after being laid off, I’ve given this area of my life a lot more attention. I found this great site called . 

    From their site:

     This site provides Financial Help For Single Parents with the latest financial information on topics ranging from education, financial, credit, home, work and much more. This site is updated almost daily.

     Whether it is the current national economy or your own personal financial situation, you are likely going to face difficult financial times at some point in your life. Knowing how to handle this ahead of time will protect you from potential financial ruin. Below are some articles, tips and advice that you can use when managing your money, family and home in difficult times.

   Go on… click it

    Something spectacular is just around the bend…



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4 responses to “All The Single Moms Put Your Hands Up!

  1. Thanks for the financial site. I need all the help I can get. I am too unemployed since Dec. I am one of those tens of thousands financial services workers in NYC that have been laid off. Its a little scary now since there are so many of us out on the streets looking for work. Like you my biggest concern is health care which next to my maintenance is the biggest $$$ outlay.

    Good luck. I will follow your blog and pass on any tips.

    I started my blog because why not, I have the time right.

  2. It is incredible that extended benefits are not covered if you worked for a.ORG. Is it all .ORGs or just the institution you were working at? Two financial books that made an impact for me: “Your Money or Your Life,” Joe Dominguez, Vicki Robin and “The Simple Living Guide,” Janet Luhrs

  3. RecessionDaily

    .ORG benefits are under their own financial control. They don’t do extended benefits, from my personal understanding of that system. Those books sound great.

  4. RecessionDaily

    Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is funny and informative I like it. Please keep those tips coming!

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