Blogs O’ The Week — White Hot Truth and Notes From The Universe




    It is sometimes hard to stay motivated, with all the noise about circumstance, pandemics and bank failures, how it’s going to get worse before it gets better, blah…blah…blah. None of this applies to you or me. What is important is that you stay focused on what your spectacular is, or figuring out just what that is.  

     There are a couple of sites that I subscribe to help me keep the ‘yes factor’ going in my head, “White Hot Truth” by Danielle LaPorte and “Notes From the Universe” by Mike Dooley. These notes land in my mailbox daily and often inspire me stretch my thinking in a direction I might not have thought of, or simply affirm something I’ve thought all along. For example, today my message from Danielle LaPorte was to “break your commitments.” Which immediately made me think of commitments that no longer serve me or my vision of myself.

      My favorite from Danielle LaPorte, “Four Questions to Shine a Light on Your Vocation.” What a place to begin!

     Go on click it… what do you have to lose? Nothing.  

     Something spectacular is just around the bend…



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2 responses to “Blogs O’ The Week — White Hot Truth and Notes From The Universe

  1. here’s to the YES factor!

  2. RecessionDaily

    YOU so rock! Your #1 fan.

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