Because It’s Mother’s Day


      Summer is simmering on the back burner, and I’ve hit a routine of waking, writing, putting something together for my Tween-let for breakfast and walking her to school.  We have a “Poppy Quiz” on some days, that’s when I point out a flower or tree and she tells me the name. My mother told me, “it’s a good thing to know the names of things,” I tell my daughter the same thing.

    I tell the Tween-let a lot of things, garden-variety mother stuff, wash your face, brush your teeth, be a leader, be kind to people and most of the time it seems as if she’s not listening. I also try to show her, courage, resilience, faith and love. Often that gets mixed in with impatience, unreal expectations and lots of other ‘mommy moments’ I’d like to take back. When I’m wrong, which is more often than I would like, I tell her that too.

     She likes to walk with her arm looped in mine, telling me about all of the things she’s going to invent one day. She likes to predict our future, telling me about the home we will one day live in, about the travels we will take. I parrot her vision back to her, yes, of course, and will sometimes add a disclaimer just so she won’t be disappointed. It is those times she stops me, and looks me in my eye and says, “No, that is how it will be, because I said it. That’s how it works.” It is then I am dazzled by her, her knowledge of the power of the word, and I then know that she’s heard me, and who am I to add a doubt to her vision of her life?

    I am so wonderfully blessed to be her mother. 

    Something spectacular is just around the bend.



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5 responses to “Because It’s Mother’s Day

  1. Nadines

    So tender and sweet. I could feel the morning mist in your story.

  2. How wise your daughter is!

  3. This post reminded me to be more present with my kids. Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day.

  4. RecessionDaily

    Yes… I’m very lucky to have her!

  5. RecessionDaily

    Happy Mother’s Day to you to… so easy to miss those moments.

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