Buck Convention!

unconventionalWorking a 9-5 job would give me:

A. The security I need to provide food and shelter for me and the Tween-let.  

B. Benefits! Health, retirement etc. 

C. A frowny face. 

     The correct answer is ‘C’. 

     Freelancing works for me and for a whole lot of other people as well.  CNN/Money reports that “freelance is the new full-time” and now accounts for more than one-quarter of the U.S. working population. What more could I ask for in terms of flexibility and tapping into my strengths and talents?  Freelancing is the way to go.    

     The decision to not go the conventional route was not easy. I do have responsibilities, it’s not just me, there’s another human being dependent on me and trusting me to make the right decisions. I’m not saying this is the right path for everyone.  

    People get hung up in “what is their path.”  It isn’t just a direction of a way to something. Your path is your attitude, your intention, your actions, your behavior. When you honor your beliefs and values, who you really are,  you’re on your path, no matter what you do.  

    I believe this: 

    Life is as simple as breath and as powerful as the spoken word. 

    Life is measured by change and valued by relationships.  

    Life is complex only when we over think it. 


        What this “laid off” experience has taught me is to slow down and appreciate life, its taste, its fragrance, its tenderness and its beauty.  I have experienced so much of that through the thoughtfulness of friends and through the eyes of my daughter. Work should make life sweet. I believe that. 

Oh! I got a fortune cookie the other night, my fortune read,”You need not worry about your future.” YES to that!

   Something spectacular is just around the bend… 



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2 responses to “Buck Convention!

  1. Angella Lister

    Glad to hear the freelance life is working out! Especially with a Tween-let, it is the way to go. Plus, you’re such a beautiful writer.

  2. RecessionDaily

    Well… it’s working or it’s what I’m working towards. A writer is so just who I am. Ya know? Thanks for all your kind words Angella. Keep me in your positive thoughts my friend!

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