Distract, Distraction, Distracted.



I’ve always been easily distracted. An open window can be a portal to another time and space. I can watch the bees buzz and the wasps wing by for hours.  Sometimes it’s just the dishes or the laundry. Then there are times when I remember a poem I wrote many years, hard drives, floppy disks and thumb drives ago, and I want/need to see it, and I go foraging in boxes and journals for looking for it, for hours. And then there is life. 

A friend with a new baby called, I hope he’s not driving by the time I go see him. Life happens.

This is so incredibly intense, that I have to remind myself that distraction can be a good thing. We are on this journey and if you stare straight ahead at the road, you might miss something really great along the side. Like that 8ft ball of twine some guy keeps in his front yard that I keep reading about in Ripley’s. Talk about focus and dedication.

Right now, I’m distracted by a couple of things, graduate school for one, and some other personal things, but it doesn’t mean that I’ve lost focus. I’m having to glance at the side of the road, check out that ball of string and some other oddities,  I’ve stopped the car, but I know where I’m headed.  The theme from Mahogany just popped into my head. Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you? 

Something spectacular is just around the bend…


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