Senior-itis and When a College Degree Is Just A Weekend Away

Mt. St. Mary's


I don’t have it because I’m not a senior age-wise (yet)  or school-wise, but I remember the feeling clearly. Summer is baking up nicely, we only need to peek out of a window to see it rising, an open window invites a warm breeze, carrying with it the scent of something sweet. It makes the chair you’re sitting in stiff and uncomfortable, and all of a sudden you’re restless and you want to get outside. That’s Senior-itis. Enough of this indoor playing at school stuff. It’s time to let loose.

Graduate school is coming to a close, I have papers due, reading to be done and deadlines looming. I decided to go back to school pre-recession. I wanted to model for my daughter how important education is, and how joyful it is to study a subject you’re passionate about.  

This semester has been particularly challenging, with the job loss, the loss of my beloved Step-Dad, an angry ex, and health challenges.

I have papers to write… still, the adage is true. Life goes on.  

In case you are thinking about returning to school. Mount St. Mary’s College has an excellent program for adult learners. Guess what?  It’s on the weekend!  My own experience there was affirming, I was completely engaged and motivated by the professors. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I attend Antioch University now, and am working on an MFA in Creative Writing. I love Antioch as well, and their low-residency program is one of the best in California, where I live. It’s been a tough year and the faculty has been understanding, but they still want their papers. So, I gotta run folks.

If you’re thinking about going back to school, now is the time. Go on click it…  

Something spectacular is just around the bend.


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