You Need Not Worry About Your Future


I get a lot of email about the recession. Reminding me that I don’t have job security and that things are going to get worse. I read this while at the same time I read how sales are up on $100 yoga mats and the Tween-let chatters about her latest crush, and counts down the days before summer vacation. 

Last week my  graduate program came to a close, a relationship ended in court and the folks around me began to tell me about their summer plans, pointedly not asking me about mine. I guess they’re trying to be tactful. And the truth is, I don’t have any. 

I was so ‘whelmed over’ I  threatened to take a credit card vacation as I was slowly blowing a fuse last week, to run away to the desert and indulge in Thai massages and room service. Then I realized how foolish that would be and quickly doused that wet dream. It’s hard to deny yourself things, but times like this teach you to find pleasure in simple things. I used to have a sign above my desk that read: Celebration is served on the platter of sacrifice. A co-worker read it as she passed by and commented, “Edgy motivation, just so edgy.”  She was right, I took it down that day.  

My latest fortune from a cookie said, “You need not worry about your future.” Not as edgy as the other quote and still motivating in a soothing way. The only thing that has been sacrificed here is my attachment to a certain way of life. The celebration is now ongoing. Breath, the Tween-let, friends, simple things, these are the things I celebrate and the things that will carry me into the future.

Something spectacular is just around the bend…



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2 responses to “You Need Not Worry About Your Future

  1. Last time I was down in LA my friend took me to a really great Thai massage place in Silverlake (it was super cheap – like $35?). I will email you the deets if you can swing the splurge as a small grad school reward. Keep on keepin on! – LT

  2. RecessionDaily

    Oh Yes! That sounds lovely!

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