A Dream Deferred?




What would you do?

If you were over forty and the desire of your heart is to write? To be a chef?  A nurse?

and you had a family to support 

and a graduate program to complete  

and a child to raise 

and you were offered a job, round peg round hole, square peg, square hole, yes, that kind of job. 

Would you chase your dream?  

Would you defer it?  Adults do what adults have to do.  

Is this a mountain that you must push through, or climb over?

Is spectacular just over the top?  

You tell me.  

Something spectacular is just around the bend…



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2 responses to “A Dream Deferred?

  1. Angella Lister

    Did you get offered a job? I guess my answer would be to take the job and pursue the dream at the same time. It might be easier to pursue the dream if you’re not worried about the rent all the time. But what do I know? I could be entirely wrong about this. I do hope you’re wrestling with happy problems, though, like whether or not to take a job you’ve been offered.

  2. RecessionDaily

    No job offer. I just want the writer’s life, the abundant writer’s life. The life where my heart goes out and connects with people and just by that connection lives are transformed, there is discussion, creativity and new thought. And I write, and it’s flexible and we travel and there are wide open arms and warm hands circling on our backs.

    I went on a job interview, and it’s the kind of job I’ve always done.

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