About Me

     I’m writing the upside of the downturn, toward the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that something spectacular is just around the bend

  I’m Rhonda Mitchell and I created Recession Daily after being laid off because I’m a writer, and this is how I cope. I’ve been blogging since 2007 about all the stuff your mother told you not to talk about at work, sex, politics and religion. However, this forum is here to help you look honestly at the circumstances, and then give you a little something to help you look beyond. As one of my spiritual guides said, “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.” I’m here to gently waken your ingenuity, your creativity, to help you remember to let the best of you show up now, to remind you that something spectacular is just around the bend. 


Something spectacular is just around the bend...

Something spectacular is just around the bend...


11 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Rhonda-

    I got your comment on Faces Of The Recession. I’m glad you liked it. You’ve got a good thing going on here too!

    I’d love to have a spot on your blog if you’d like to do it. I’m gonna link to yours now. Where are you located, by the way? I’d love to interview an unemployed blogger for this project too, as I’ve discovered there’s SO MANY of us!

    Best of luck,


  2. John

    Hi Rhonda
    My name is John and recently I’ve meet Betty, your mother. She has mentioned you and your daughter to me in conversation and today she told me of your blog. The blog looks good shows the work your capable of and along with your determination I would like to think your going to pull out of your present situation soon. Once I was
    in the same boat your in now and did the same as you with the landlord. Just thought I would mention it so you don’t have to feel like your the only fish in the sea. Well any way, I also have a daughter. She sent me this email about five years ago and I would like to share it with you now. God bless you and your daughter now and always.

    If God brings you to it,He will bring you through it
    Happy moments, praise God.
    Difficult moments, seek God.
    Quit moments, worship God.
    Painful moments, trust God.
    Every moment, thank God.

    Oh, my daughter says to read the first line carefully

  3. RecessionDaily

    Thank you John, I appreciate your energy, thanks for the good thoughts sent my way.

  4. Ana Viola

    I’m trying to think of all the things that got me thru the almost 3 years that I was out of work. Let’s make a list: I collected all the unemployment checks that I could; I never stopped having sex or going to the movies; I continued to take short, inexpensive weekend trips; I cooked simple, gourmet meals for myself; I tried to hang on to good citizenry and paid the bills by dipping into my retirement fund which was depleted in short order; filed bankruptcy; cleaned a white woman’s house; cleaned a black woman’s house; tutored foster children; stopped going to malls; stopped celebrating faux holidays, especially those with religious connotations; spent more time with my grandchildren; spent more time with my friends, all two of them; went back to school. But you know that part of the story … love you, RLM.

  5. Hi, Rhonda. Saw Teresa’s post about you on Offerings. I love that you are writing about “the upside of the downturn.” That’s wonderful! Looking forward to reading more!

  6. RecessionDaily

    So glad you stopped by Judy! I’m very happy that I’ve been able reconnect with Teresa.

  7. Rhonda, This blog is extraordinary! Beautiful writing, beautiful soul. What an amazing service–inner and outer– you are providing to countless people! I’m going to spread the word. Thank you for being you. Gratefully, Anne

  8. Thank you thank you thank you for creating a site like this! Loosing my job felt like it would swallow me whole until I began to hear of others struggling, and making it, right along side me. Places like this gave me the power to laugh at my missteps, and finally be happy again… job or no job.

    Everyone, hold your head up, we will all get through this somehow.

  9. RecessionDaily

    You’re welcome! Please share you story! Email me at RecessionDaily (at) Gmail (dot) com!

  10. Lisa

    Hey Rhonda,

    You have a great site! A lot of great reading material (just bookmarked it). My name is Lisa, and I work with the website ZooCaro.

    I just came across your site and am hoping you can add our job search site to your employment links list. All the info is below, I can put your link up in exchange.

    Title: College-Site.com
    URL: http://www.college-site.com/
    Description: Helping College students and graduates connect with potential employers!

    Let me know what you think!

    Thank you very much,


  11. Web

    Hello Rhonda.I was wondering if i could make you write a few articles on topics i got in mind.do you accept writing work?If so,shoot an email please.thanks.

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