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Game Over — Insert Another Quarter

Remember that phrase from the 80’s?  When video arcades were as plentiful as coffee shops are now?  Things trend up and down and Recession writing has definitely trended down for me. It’s not wide enough for all the words and thoughts I have, not deep enough for all the questions and debates that are going on. Not quirky enough for who I am. I need a bigger space.

Thanks for coming along on the ride. I’ll leave this up for a while. I’ll let you know what ‘s going on next. 




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The Redemption of the Recession

rainbow keyboard

My daughter learned the first eight notes of Redemption Song yesterday. My favorite Marley song. She’s on her third acoustic guitar lesson. Bob Marley’s Redemption Song is a tale of the journey, of being stolen and sold, and is ultimately a song of faith in oneself.

But my hand was made strong, by the hand of the almighty — We forward in this generation triumphantly  

The archaic meaning of the word redemption is the action of buying one’s own freedom. Bob exhorts that beautifully with these lines: 

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds…

As I read speculation about when the recession will end, how to position oneself for the shifting labor force, how bad things will get before they get better, I think about this song. Marley sings about forward motion, that time doesn’t stop for “atomic energy” and that there will be hard things we must endure, he sings, “some say it’s just a part of it, we’ve got to fulfill de book.”  What I know is that change is uncomfortable. While external forces may  facilitate that change, the real stuff comes from within.

Don’t look for anyone else to free you of this situation. We free ourselves, it’s all in our hands. Waking up is finally knowing that it’s always been that way.    

Won’t you help to sing, these songs of freedom. ‘Cause all I ever have; Redemption songs.” 

Something spectacular is just around the bend…

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Elope is Recession-speak for Wedding!



My best friend is getting married this summer. He’s a super guy, she tells me and though I haven’t met him yet, I believe her. She’s doing the WEDDING. The dress, the bridesmaids, the flowers and the food. All of this is very expensive. Guests must be flown in, dresses ordered, you know the drill. She called the other day to say in a moment of (I’m sure out of bridal frustration) that she wishes that she could just grab her sweetie and get married under an oak tree. 

“Why not just do that?” I asked. 

“Deposits,” she answered.  

Back in the 80’s and 90’s the trend among my exes friends was to get married out of the country, some place exotic, or European, combining  a honeymoon locale for the nuptials and vacation destination for those who could afford to come.  Folks were hitching up in castles in the South of France, private compounds in the Dominican Republic and on the beach in Costa Rica.

Weddings are expensive, big business for a lot of folks, so no wonder that now the recession is here, elopements are up. Save the money and frustration I say.

I was sworn to secrecy just a month ago when a former co-worker called to tell me that he and his girl were going to do it in New Orleans.  Another friend just told me today that she and her beau decided to to do it. They didn’t want the fuss or the expense. 

On my list of overrated things, I have to admit, that weddings come in first, followed by luxury cars (they have leather), Twitter and Valentine’s Day.

Buck the system, if you’re in love elope. Forget the deposit and create a day with your lovely that you will remember forever. 

Something spectacular is just around the bend…


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A Dream Deferred?




What would you do?

If you were over forty and the desire of your heart is to write? To be a chef?  A nurse?

and you had a family to support 

and a graduate program to complete  

and a child to raise 

and you were offered a job, round peg round hole, square peg, square hole, yes, that kind of job. 

Would you chase your dream?  

Would you defer it?  Adults do what adults have to do.  

Is this a mountain that you must push through, or climb over?

Is spectacular just over the top?  

You tell me.  

Something spectacular is just around the bend…


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You Need Not Worry About Your Future


I get a lot of email about the recession. Reminding me that I don’t have job security and that things are going to get worse. I read this while at the same time I read how sales are up on $100 yoga mats and the Tween-let chatters about her latest crush, and counts down the days before summer vacation. 

Last week my  graduate program came to a close, a relationship ended in court and the folks around me began to tell me about their summer plans, pointedly not asking me about mine. I guess they’re trying to be tactful. And the truth is, I don’t have any. 

I was so ‘whelmed over’ I  threatened to take a credit card vacation as I was slowly blowing a fuse last week, to run away to the desert and indulge in Thai massages and room service. Then I realized how foolish that would be and quickly doused that wet dream. It’s hard to deny yourself things, but times like this teach you to find pleasure in simple things. I used to have a sign above my desk that read: Celebration is served on the platter of sacrifice. A co-worker read it as she passed by and commented, “Edgy motivation, just so edgy.”  She was right, I took it down that day.  

My latest fortune from a cookie said, “You need not worry about your future.” Not as edgy as the other quote and still motivating in a soothing way. The only thing that has been sacrificed here is my attachment to a certain way of life. The celebration is now ongoing. Breath, the Tween-let, friends, simple things, these are the things I celebrate and the things that will carry me into the future.

Something spectacular is just around the bend…


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This has been…



one of the hardest weeks. I got heavy boots.  

Still I know, 

Something spectacular is just around the bend…


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Take Part

There’s a whole lot of giving going on, “helping a mother out,” people being kind to one another.  I just read about  a church in Texas that asked its members to take from the collection plate. Maybe that fishes and loaves miracle is still in effect, because it turned out to be the largest collection ever taken in the churches nine-year history.

While we hear so much about less, I believe there is enough for everyone. Plenty. There are enough jobs, there is enough food, for everyone. We are all going to feel the pinch as things shift, but we will be okay. So while we’re waiting for the abundance to flow, what do we do? We Take Part. 

Take Part is a division of Participant Media, and works as an interactive website that features topical information about social issues. The site is designed so that you can explore the issues that are important to you, join debate, and find ways toTake part act with concrete tools you need to make a difference.

I love Participant Media, they’re behind great films such as,”The Soloist, The Visitor, Darfur Now, The Kite Runner, Charlie Wilson’s War, Good Night and Good Luck, Syriana, and Academy Award®-winning An Inconvenient Truth. They operate under the notion that a good story well told can truly make a difference in how one sees the world. That’s art and authenticity all coming together for the common good. 

Use what you have to make a difference in someone else’s life,  and you will see the difference in yours. Really.  

Something spectacular is just around the bend…


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