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A Nation in Crisis Needs Community

     America today is like someone with 1,000 friends on Facebook but none to really turn to in a time of crisis. A nation in crisis needs community. —Scott Heiferman & Jeremy Heimans Co-founder and advisor of Meetup.com

     I had a job interview yesterday, as a result of posting my resume on Monster and Career Builder. I’ve sent out dozens of resumes and was actually surprised when someone responded. We met and she was appropriately perky, dressed in ‘Development Red’. Might I add that there are no perkier people in the non-profit world than those that work development. It went okay. There is something artificial about job searching this way. While the who-you-know way has its faults, there is something about someone knowing you and your talents and recommending you, something inclusive, communal even. Interviews like this are the cold-call, and I always feel as if I am dancing the final number (Overture! Curtain lights! This is it! The night of nights!) and when I’m done instead of applause I hear a pen scratching on paper, the click of the clipboard and a monotone voice from the darkness, “Thank you very much Ms. Mitchell, don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

    It’s all part of the process, the more of these I get out of the way, and the closer I get to my spectacular. It’s about being clear on what I want my life to look like as the paradigm shifts. These are the dress rehearsals for the real gig. I didn’t get the job from the last interview either, they promoted from within. Cool. On to the next. I read about  www.Meetup.com on the Huffington Post today. Exactly what I was talking about earlier. Community.

     Something spectacular is just around the bend…


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