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Blog o’ The Week–Letters To Your Former Employer

   After I got laid off, I wanted to write the nastiest letter to my boss, actually to a couple of people at my now former job, especially the insincere ones and the ones that always rubbed me the wrong way. That’s when I heard it. No not the voice of God or my conscious. The voice of my Step-Dad, “Don’t burn  bridges Rhonda. You never know when you are going to need someone again, just lay them aside for now and you can pick them up later.” Sage advice. I still wrote the letter, but I kept it to myself.  

   You don’t have to, just go on over to Letters To Your Former Employer and post there. It’s a fun website, appropriately mean-spirited and dedicated to helping you vent about your former company or boss. Go on… click it. 

   Something spectacular is just around the bend…


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