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To The Bat Cave!

     It went off like the bat light that signaled Bruce Wayne to the cave. I was at a dinner to meet Molly Barker, founder of Girls On The Run, (a non-profit that encourages healthy life-style choices and self-respect through running) and after she spoke the light went on and beckoned me to volunteer. Yes, volunteer.

    But you don’t have a job Rhonda…

    Oh I know beef from bull’s foot!

    Tara Mason lists ten ways you can volunteer and eight reasons why you should volunteer during this recession on her website, it’s a great list, have a look. I decided to do it because I really like this organization (The Tween-let participates) and after hearing Molly speak I felt that our values were a match, it was a perfect way for me to give.

    Must I remind you, you don’t have a job?

    Giving helps me focus on what I do have, time and skills that can benefit a growing organization. When I give, while my arms are outstretched and my hands are still open, all of a sudden my hands are full again. Imagine that.

     Something spectacular is just around the bend…



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