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Humanizing the Recession

    Today Oprah is doing a show with Lisa Ling. Ling is following a homeless family around Sacramento in an attempt to humanize the recession. 

    This is the third week I’ve been without a job. 

    I’m watching while re-working my resume for the umpteenth time. Ling gets my attention when she asks one of the little girls the most inane question. “Hannah?  She said. “Do you like being here?”  She is speaking of the homeless shelter they now call home. WTF? 

     Now more than ever I notice the homeless, I notice the women and men with their signs. At this point, I suppose I should say, that that could be me. But I will not say that. I will not imagine myself and my daughter without a home.

     I am determined to get through this despite the moral failure of those we elected and trusted to guide this country. Despite that we needed them not to be consumed by greed and to make decisions that benefitted many instead of a few. Despite that they chose instead, one more house, another car. I know you’ve heard it all before. I just need to say it again.

     The real faces of the recession?  Bush. Cheney. Wall Street Execs. Everyone who turned their head. Didn’t blow the whistle. Pressed their foot on the gas.

     The human faces of the recession?  Me. My tween-let.

      Last week two women from my last job invited me to lunch. They had taken up  a collection for me. People at my former job, many who don’t have a lot themselves gave generously, concerned about the precarious position I am now in. What I’ve learned from this is how many friends I have, how many people love and care about what happens to me and my daughter.  

     Humanizing the recession Oprah, Lisa? These two women have done just that. 

     Till next time– Keep it in the light!



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