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Someone’s Gotta Go — Perhaps This Show


Using my best Maxwell Smart voice when he’s talking to the Chief: 

Would you believe…

     There are t-shirts, coffee mugs and all kinds of kitsch related to the recession? Go on over to Zazzle and check out the wares. If there is a buck to be made off of anything, someone in America is going to do it. Now the boys and girls over at Fox have taken it to new heights, err I mean depths with their reality show, “Someone’s Gotta Go.” Take a small struggling company with say about 20 or so employees, give the employees access to the human resources records, performance reviews etc., then let the employees decide who goes next. Then watch as alliances are formed and broken and the backstabbing begins. Oh! What! Fun! And of course there will be a guest business whiz, who will probably say something like, “Jane your position has been terminated, you have been voted out of a job, go turn off your computer, gather your personal effects and leave immediately.”  He will hand her an eco-friendly bag and  a mug inscribed with “Party Like It’s 1929.” We will watch Jane pack her things while cheesy violin music plays to her teary voiceover goodbye. 

    I have a great idea for the next reality series Fox, just in case any of you read my little blog. It will bleed over, pardon my pun, into a new series if you get my drift. Have a camera crew follow the recently laid off employees and then see who will be the first to buy a gun, we can always direct them to a pawn shop or Wal-Mart no worries about a waiting period, and come back and commit murder-suicide! Oh the ratings will be through the roof Rupert. Ka-ching! Ka-ching!  Ka-ching!  Who’s in a recession now? Not Fox!  You have to admit, this is a freakin’ great idea!

    Seriously, nothing about this funny. People making a dress out of car parts, or a finding a creative way to make dinner out of quail eggs and rutabaga is entertaining, people losing their job in this economy just isn’t.


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