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My Spectacular

    Visualizing what my life will look like is easiest at 5am, while it is still dark and I can imagine the slow shush of cars from the freeway as the ocean, my bottom bunk is just a canopy bed, and that I have my own room and no longer have to share with my brilliant and beautiful  Tween-let. It is not yet so.

   I want to be a philanthropist, a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, by the generous donation of money to good causes. Rhonda has lost her fluffer-nutter mind. She’s one clown short of a circus. No, I’ve never heard that as a career goal either, but we don’t have to operate from the same old paradigm, there has been a shift.

     You see, what I value most is health, creativity, intelligence and spirituality. What I am is insightful, warm, nurturing, purposeful, resourceful, decisive, humorous, enthusiastic, and compassionate. My Spectacular is being able to take what I value and who I am and marry them into a purpose.  So here is my visualization. 

   I envision myself as a creatively and politically savvy published writer, blogger/guerilla journalist with a distinct voice and keen insight. I see myself connecting with people who are like-minded in that they are creative, insightful, progressive, and aware and also have a desire to live differently in the world. By differently I mean consciously and compassionately, aware and with an understanding of the choices they make and how those choices affect the world around them. I see myself serving as a conduit, as a link to a person and their own creativity/purpose or between like-minded individuals, artists, companies or corporations, linking them so that they might project their vision into the world. All of this is done through writing. Which brings me to my ultimate goal, from serving this way, is that I will be able to direct resources to programs that match and promote my values. Philanthropy. Giving as a way of life. 

Something spectacular is just around the bend… 

What’s your Spectacular?



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