Game Over — Insert Another Quarter

Remember that phrase from the 80’s?  When video arcades were as plentiful as coffee shops are now?  Things trend up and down and Recession writing has definitely trended down for me. It’s not wide enough for all the words and thoughts I have, not deep enough for all the questions and debates that are going on. Not quirky enough for who I am. I need a bigger space.

Thanks for coming along on the ride. I’ll leave this up for a while. I’ll let you know what ‘s going on next. 




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6 responses to “Game Over — Insert Another Quarter

  1. Angella Lister

    Looking forward to whatever you do next. Keep me posted.

  2. RecessionDaily

    Thank you for reading and the comments, so many times you kept me going and I am grateful.

  3. Vic


    It’s work I know it, but others need something to help see a way when there is no light at the end of the tunnel.


  4. Keep up posted on where you go from here. Really enjoyed the site. Good Luck with everything that you do in the future!

  5. Can you kill the blog entirely? One of your posts is the only thing still floating around on the internet with my full name! Can you please kill the post on Ashley the Accidental Olympian?


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