Take Part

There’s a whole lot of giving going on, “helping a mother out,” people being kind to one another.  I just read about  a church in Texas that asked its members to take from the collection plate. Maybe that fishes and loaves miracle is still in effect, because it turned out to be the largest collection ever taken in the churches nine-year history.

While we hear so much about less, I believe there is enough for everyone. Plenty. There are enough jobs, there is enough food, for everyone. We are all going to feel the pinch as things shift, but we will be okay. So while we’re waiting for the abundance to flow, what do we do? We Take Part. 

Take Part is a division of Participant Media, and works as an interactive website that features topical information about social issues. The site is designed so that you can explore the issues that are important to you, join debate, and find ways toTake part act with concrete tools you need to make a difference.

I love Participant Media, they’re behind great films such as,”The Soloist, The Visitor, Darfur Now, The Kite Runner, Charlie Wilson’s War, Good Night and Good Luck, Syriana, and Academy Award®-winning An Inconvenient Truth. They operate under the notion that a good story well told can truly make a difference in how one sees the world. That’s art and authenticity all coming together for the common good. 

Use what you have to make a difference in someone else’s life,  and you will see the difference in yours. Really.  

Something spectacular is just around the bend…



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2 responses to “Take Part

  1. I read a blog post about how a photographer in NYC took portraits of homeless families for Mother’s Day (http://homelessness.change.org/blog/view/in_honor_of_homeless_moms). Everyone has something to contribute. I love how you say, “use what you have to make a difference.” We ALL have gifts to contribute. It doesn’t have to be money -time, and ear, writing!

  2. RecessionDaily

    I learned this after the lay-off, and the point was driven home further with the work that you and Rachel do. I like the story of the photographer, it’s what they LOVE to do, it’s their talent and look how they used it to contribute. I’m sure it made a lot of those women very happy.

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